Lucknow, Feb 28 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath spared no efforts to enable the farmers to double their income through diversification of agriculture and extending all facilities to them in their endeavour to bring qualitative improvement in the agri-farming.

His efforts received a shot in the arm as a progressive farmer of Uttar Pradesh got mentioned in the “Mann ki Baat’ programme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday.

Soon after, the strawberry cultivator Gurleen Chawla of Jhansi was complimented by the PM, yet another farmer Harish Chandra of Barabanki district came on his praise list.

In his monthly programme, the Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of a former army man Harsih Chandra who has grown ‘Chia Seeds’ in Barabanki without any help of the government resources. He said that this innovation will not only help the farmer increase his income but also contribute to the cause of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

The ‘Chia Seed, considered to be a superfood in United States and China, is originally a Mexican crop, is being grown in half acre of land in Amseruva village in Siddhaur block in Haidergarh Tahsil of Barabanki with a modest investment of Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 per acre. He has grown several quintal of Chia seeds since he sowed it in November as an experiment which proved to be a success. No wonder, after the praise from the PM, the cultivation of highly nutritive crops of Chia Seeds will attract more and more farmers to grow cash crops to their benefit.

An elated Harish Chandra said that he had always looked at experimental farming and therefore he grew dragon Fruit, Green apple, Red Apple, Ber, Black Wheat and several species of Potatoes. Harish Chandra, already impressed with pro-farmer policies of UP CM Yogi Adotyanath, desires to meet him to apprise him about how he experimented in the field to grow Dragon Fruit and Black Wheat.

“I would like to give CM Yogi, the Red Apple and Green Apple grown by me,’ he said adding ‘ the Yogi government encourages farmers to bring in new innovation in agri-farming.’

It may be recalled that on January 31, Gurleen Chawla, a young farmer of Jhansi, was mentioned in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ for growing strawberries in Bundelkhand, the highly unlikely place to grow it successfully. Later, CM Yogi called her and assured all possible help in their innovation in agriculture.


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