Political justice party Promises to repeal the Agriculture Law and Citizenship Amendment Act.

Published on January 20, 2021

by Sudip Sharma Chowdhury

GUWAHATI : Political Justice Party National president Rajesh Kumar Siddharth at a press conference at the Dispur Press Club said today where his party will field his candidates in 50 seats in the upcoming Assam Assembly elections. Siddharth said if his party came to Assam power, the National Citizenship Amendment Law would be made extinct. In addition, he said that for quite some time “D Voter” in Assam has kept the problems “D Voter” has been feared people. The political justice party “D Voter” heart will be destroyed.

At the same, the Indian national who is still in the detention camp will be sent out of the camp and sent to their homes. The Political Justice Party National president said that Small scale industries and small young businessmen from Assam will be assisted by a large mother. Along with this, free Internet service will be provided for student admissions of all levels of Assam. His party has built a big plane to financially support young businessmen.

He said that objectionable He criticizes to BJP and Congress party and said that the Political Justice Party has made a big hypothesis for repealing a controversial law. He said that if the Political Justice Party succeeded in forming a government in Assam, you would be protected land rights and language rights for the people of Assam. He has appealed to the people that all parties should be abandoned communally as those parties have never acted with the people of Assam in confidence. The Political Justice Party should vote to keep Assamese language literature culture alive. He appealed to the people that if his party came to power in Assam, the unemployed would be eliminated within 2 years.

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