According to the Head of the Association of Exporters of Vegetables and Fruits of Istanbul, Melisa Tokgez Mutlu, Turkey has set a new record in the exports of fresh vegetables and fruits in 2020.

Mutlu asserts that the agricultural sector was one of the economic areas that felt the least damage from the pandemic. “Exports of fresh vegetables and fruits in 2020 increased by 20.8% in general compared to the previous year and up to $2.7 billion,” she said.

The largest share of the fresh fruit and vegetable exports comprised of tomatoes, cherries, tangerines and pomegranates. The leading importers of fresh vegetables and fruits from Turkey last year were Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Iraq and Romania. The Head of the Association noted that apples, lemons, peaches and nectarines were in great demand. Simultaneously, Spain, Bangladesh, India, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates are new promising markets for Turkey.

“Speaking about the whole fruit and vegetable segment, in 2020, cucumbers and gherkins, apple juices and canned tomatoes were in great demand. Germany, the USA, Iraq, the Netherlands and the UK are the leading importers in this segment,” Mutlu told

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