Rajshahi farmers begin sajna farming due to rising demand across the country Dhaka Tribune

Farmers said the sajna plant does not require anything when it starts flowering

Farmers in Rajshahi have started cultivating drumsticks, locally called sajna plants, on a commercial basis. Sajna is therefore becoming a boon for its growers in the area.

The vegetable has been cultivated on 126 hectares of land this year in the district, with the target of production being 1.54 tons, according to sources at the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE).

Farmers said the sajna plant does not require anything when it starts flowering.

Sagar Hossain, a farmer of Madhupur village in Paba  upazila, planted sajna on 10 kathas of land. In the meantime, he sold sajna leaves as vegetables, earning a total of Tk. 45,000 from the sales. But the plant’s cultivation cost him Tk 15,000. 

He expects to produce 950 kgs of data (stems of a plant) in the first phase and its price may amount to Tk 75,800. The harvesting goes on all the year round.

Ripon Ali, another farmer in the upazila, brought 7 kathas of land under sajna cultivation. Meanwhile, he has sold leaves of the plant for a total of Tk 18,000. 

Monayem Hossain of the village has taken 2.50 bighas of land under crop cultivation.  Sajna, data and leaves are demanded by consumers, he added. 

The upazila agriculture office has motivated farmers and house owners in planting it in the crop fields and homesteads.

Umme Salma, deputy director of Rajshahi Agriculture Office said, “We motivated farmers to cultivate sajna in the district. The agriculture department is giving them various suggestions on cultivation of the sajna plant. Besides, home owners have planted sajna in the backyards of their homes.” 

Villagers started planting sajna around their homesteads considering the nutritional value of the vegetable, she added.

The soil and weather of the region are very favourable for growing the vegetable. Many people are now planning commercial sajna orchards due to its rising demand in the country.

 Drumsticks are rich in calcium, minerals, iron, proteins, carbohydrates and different vitamins, the agriculture officer said, adding that the leaves of a sajna plant could be used as herbal medicine to prevent and cure different diseases.

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