Securing business stability and resiliency with Globe Cloud Solutions

The current global health crisis brought a drastic change not just in the daily lives of ordinary people. It also accentuated the uncertainties driven by the ever-changing business landscape, with enterprises suddenly realizing the importance of digital transformation in continued business services amid the restrictions due to COVID-19. Fortunately, such concerns can appropriately be addressed with today’s available technologies, such as cloud adaptation.

Moving to the cloud is essential for future-proofing business operations, a fundamental step for enterprises seeking to achieve stability and agility no matter what unforeseen circumstances may arrive. Cloud-based IT systems break barriers of traditional business models, thus, opening more opportunities for efficient and cost-driven services through digital platforms.

As an advocate of business resiliency and transformation using technology, Globe, through its enterprise arm, Globe Business, has since been bridging the gap between enterprises and innovation. Included in its portfolio is its wide array of trusted cloud solutions, which have become beneficial in digitally transforming companies across various industries in the Philippines.

“Companies that embrace change will emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient. Those who fail to adapt will be at a competitive disadvantage. The world has changed, and with it, so has IT,” said Globe Business Senior Vice President Peter Maquera.

“Cloud-empowered companies can use digital channels to bring their services to customers whose mobility has been hindered. Moving data and operations to the Cloud also ensure that workloads are always available, readily accessible, and easily recovered,” he added.

Among Globe Business’ long-term partners is Cascadeo, a cloud managed services provider who helps Globe enterprise clients gain the support needed in maximizing cloud technologies, whether they’re subscribed to AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

“Through our partnership with Globe Business, we can bring the best aspects of our services and experience to the Philippine enterprise market. This means that we can also help more Philippine companies succeed in their cloud journey, even in times of crisis,” said Cascadeo Founder and CEO Jared Reimer.

One of the several companies that Globe, together with Cascadeo, helped successfully migrate to the Cloud is Radio Finance Corporation (RFC), which has been providing financial access to Filipinos for over 55 years. With Globe’s Cloud Solutions onboard, RFC was able to maximize its existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure augmented with Cascadeo’s Managed Services. 

RFC IT Infrastructure Head Darwin Candelaria shared that with Globe’s cloud services complemented with Cascadeo’s cloud expertise, RFC saves as much as 30% on cloud costs brought by the firm’s well-structured operations on virtual servers resulting in improved digital strategies and services amid the pandemic.

CDO Foodsphere, Inc., a Filipino household name for decades now, also trusted Globe Cloud Solutions in digitalizing its inventory by migrating applications to the cloud. This reduced the company’s time to resolve system incident reports which initially took 150 days to be accomplished in less than 24 hours, leading to improved organizational efficiency and better customer service.

“Our on-premise legacy system had become too tedious to maintain. We had been experiencing unexpected downtimes—with restoration taking longer than expected,” said CDO Foodsphere, Inc. Assistant Vice President Ria Vidal. “A few days or even hours of downtime would have had a significant impact on the business. It was a good thing Globe came in to help us migrate our workloads to the Cloud, just before the pandemic otherwise it would have been more difficult to restore on-ground applications.”

Globe Business also teamed up with XDE Logistics to aid the company in meeting the challenging demand in distribution services brought about by the increased use of e-commerce platforms during the quarantine period. With productivity, protection, and collaboration tools such as Globe’s postpaid lines, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud-hosted G Suite licenses, XDE Logistics optimized its operations for better communication with its customers.

“We realized that we needed to upgrade our internet, leverage on productivity and communication tools for faster process fulfillment, and fortify our cybersecurity to ensure that information shared by our e-commerce partners remains safe,” said XDE Logistics Digital Transformation Senior Consultant Jun Mercader. “Globe Business was a great support in empowering us to modernize our IT infrastructure from the ground up so that we can continue to provide streamlined services for our local and global customers.”

It’s never too late to take the first step towards digital transformation by embracing the Cloud. Reach out to your dedicated Globe Business Account Manager or visit for more information on how to recreate business resilience.




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