Flames of the Sundarbans fire almost extinguished by firefighters on Thursday, May 6, 2021 Dhaka Tribune

The fire was doused on Tuesday but it again ignited from the remains on Wednesday

The fire in the Sundarbans, after it raged through the mangrove forest for three days, was finally brought under control at 5pm on Thursday.

The fire had started at Monday noon in the Daser Bharani area of Sarankhola Range. 

By the time it was brought under control on the fourth day, the fire had burnt 15 acres of forest, according to Bagerhat Fire Service Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) Golam Sarwar.

He said Forest Department personnel and Sundarbans Conservation workers, along with three units of the fire service, brought the fire in Das’s Bharani area under control at 11am on Thursday. As such, this campaign has been declared over, added the Fire Service official. 

“In our observation, plants and shrubs on about 15 acres of this forest have been burnt. We flooded the whole area inside the fire lines with water. Even then, when the fire broke out again, a reservoir with a capacity of 1,000 litres was dug and filled with water,” said Golam Sarwar.

The forest department has been asked to monitor the fire site throughout the day on Friday. 

The official further said that the water source was in a remote part of the forest and the required amount of water could not be obtained even after the forest and bushes had been scoured for several kilometres.

Sarankhola Range Officer of the Eastern Division of the Sundarbans and Chief Assistant Forest Conservator (ACF) Joynal Abedin said that it was possible to clear the forest in the Daser Bharani area of Sarankhola Range on the afternoon of the fourth day. The extent of the damage caused by the fire would be known only after an investigation.

On Monday, a fire had broken out in the same area of the Sundarbans. Firefighters along with Forest Department officials and locals managed to put out the fire after fighting for 30 hours on Tuesday. 

Later, on Wednesday morning, another fire was ignited from the ashes and remains of the earlier fire. 

Meanwhile, according to the Sundarbans Department, about 85 acres of forest land have been burnt in 26 fires during the last 20 years. 

On May 26, 2017, a large fire broke out in the eastern Sundarbans at Abdullah Chhila area, which was under the Nangli Forest Camp at Dhansagar Station in Chandpai Range. In that fire, small plants and shrubs on about five acres of forest were burnt to ashes.

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