Studies and Focus on Soil, Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture

Cover crops and conservation tillage can be critical tools for reducing erosion and building organic matter in soils. A study released this week highlighted soil erosion in the Midwest while a separate study suggested the need for financial and technical incentives to spur widespread adoption of cover crops as a conservation practice. (DTN file photo)

The report looked at seven farms, six of which are members of the Soil Health Partnership and another farmer who is a K-Coe Isom customer. The farms are located in Indiana, Iowa (two farms), Minnesota (two farms), Missouri and Wisconsin. These farms have a range of experience with conservation tillage and growing cover crops. The […]

USDA Official: Carbon is a Commodity, Justifies CCC Use

During a virtual panel discussion sponsored by AGree, a think tank that specializes in long-term agricultural policy, a top USDA advisor noted that President Biden's executive order on climate change said the administration wants to develop climate-smart agriculture, and said it is important to find a way to “de-risk” investments related to climate change in agriculture and forestry. (DTN file photo by Pamela Smith)

Anne Simmons, the Democratic chief of staff for the House Agriculture Committee, announced that House Agriculture Chairman David Scott, D-Ga., has decided to make the focus of the committee’s first hearing on climate and weather, although she noted that her comments were her own, not those of the chairman. She said the hearing will include […]