Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood cities, provinces


File photo: A man wearing a face shield for protection against Covid-19 rides a bicycle on a flooded street in Manila, Philippines, July 21, 2021 Reuters Harsh weather has hit several parts of the world in recent weeks, bringing floods to China, India and Western Europe Philippine authorities moved thousands of residents of the capital, […]

‘No one is safe’: extreme weather batters the wealthy world

A sign warns of extreme heat in Death Valley, California, US, July 11, 2021. REUTERS/Bridget Bennett

Only days before in the northwestern United States, a region famed for its cool, foggy weather, hundreds had died of heat. In Canada, wildfire had burned a village off the map. Moscow reeled from record temperatures. And this weekend the northern Rocky Mountains were bracing for yet another heat wave as wildfires spread across 12 […]

Sustainable Agriculture: What we know and how to scale up

Sustainable Agriculture: What we know and how to scale up

Green Revolution-led agriculture in a climate-changing world Arguably, the Green Revolution remains the most defining phase of Indian agriculture in the last century. An input-intensive and technology-focused approach helped India avert potential famines and meet its food security needs by reducing food imports. While the Green Revolution has ensured India’s self-sufficiency for our cereal needs […]

In fighting climate change, what’s an individual to do?

FILE — Solar panels dotting rooftops in Austin, Texas, on April 11, 2021. Individuals can have an impact on climate change, experts say, both by how they spend their money and how they spend their time. (Tamir Kalifa/The New York Times)

But people can have an impact, experts say, both by how they spend their money and how they spend their time. Mary Weathers Case, for instance, chose to offset the carbon cost of a cross-country plane trip for her family through the site Gold Standard. Case, a psychiatrist who lives in South Salem, New York, […]

Like in ‘postapocalyptic movies’: Heat wave killed marine wildlife en masse

Dead mussels near Suicide Bend Park in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. If extreme heat becomes too frequent, scientists warn, normally resilient species won’t have time to recover. The New York Times

The combination of extraordinary heat and drought that hit the Western United States and Canada over the past two weeks has killed hundreds of millions of marine animals and continues to threaten untold species in freshwater, according to a preliminary estimate and interviews with scientists. “It just feels like one of those postapocalyptic movies,” said […]

India’s poor can’t afford to beat the heat

India's poor can't afford to beat the heat

In this file photo taken on July 4, 2021, a boy cools off with a swim in a canal on a hot summer day in Sri Ganganagar in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. Beating the merciless heat is hard in the Indian desert city of Sri Ganganagar, a reality facing millions across the vast […]

Study: Northwest heat wave impossible without climate change

Study: Northwest heat wave impossible without climate change

The deadly heat wave that roasted the Pacific Northwest and western Canada was virtually impossible without human-caused climate change that added a few extra degrees to the record-smashing temperatures, a new quick scientific analysis found. An international team of 27 scientists calculated that climate change increased chances of the extreme heat occurring by at least […]

PM to open V20 Finance Summit Thursday

PM to open V20 Finance Summit Thursday

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, currently the Chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), will open the V20 Climate Vulnerables Finance Summit virtually on Thursday.  Heads of state and government, G20 and major International Financial Institutions, including Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres will join the summit scheduled to be held from 7.30-9.50pm. Read: […]

‘South Asian farmers did not cower to Covid-climate change challenge’

'South Asian farmers did not cower to Covid-climate change challenge'

The farming community in vulnerable South Asia has largely been able to withstand the onslaught from the twin challenges of Covid-19 and climate change. The pandemic threatened to disrupt agriculture and food production by sweeping through the weak defences of the region’s farmers. But this was not to be, notes Nabansu Chattopadhyay, President, International Society […]

Global warming is changing summer camp s’more than you think

Camp Cavell campers on Lake Huron on a hot day in Lexington, Mich, on June 29, 2021. The New York Times

Temperatures in Michigan have risen by 2 to 3 degrees, on average, in the past century, and Laidlaw said she had seen the effects of that warming in many ways, from hotter days and warmer nights to stronger rainstorms, harmful algae blooms in the region’s lakes and an explosion of ticks. And increasingly common bans […]