Climate change adaptations are effective when joint initiatives are taken


A ‘wooden bridge/culvert’ constructed jointly by the Local Government Institution, NGOs and Local Community in Godaipur village at Paikgacha upazilla in Khulna district. It is one of the examples of the implementation of the RRAP by collaborative and joint action at the local level. Photo: Kamruzzman Khan Community-level bridge construction needs collaborative actions from the […]

Bangladesh’s climate diplomacy needs to take a whole-of-society approach

One can argue that the issue of tackling climate change in Bangladesh has already achieved a whole-of-government approach, and is also rapidly moving towards a whole-of-society approach. However, our international diplomacy on tackling climate change also needs to develop both approaches. What do these two terms mean, and how are they being rolled out? The […]

Climate crisis and assurance of powerful countries

Climate crisis and assurance of powerful countries

Excessive emissions of carbon dioxide are causing massive changes in the world’s climate and are having a devastating effect on the balance of the environment. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), carbon dioxide emissions around the world will rise alarmingly this year, A virtual climate conference was already held at the invitation of US President Joe […]

Bangladesh’s Floating Farms Fight Climate Change Vagaries – The Tennessee Tribune

Bangladesh’s Floating Farms Fight Climate Change Vagaries - The Tennessee Tribune

KOLKATA, India — “For almost half of a year, we remain drowned in floods,” Montu Mian, a 45-year-old farmer from Satkhira district in southwestern Bangladesh, told Zenger News. “Salinity is a perennial problem. So, we can neither cultivate crops nor fishes. If we cultivate fish in ponds, we cannot use the water for drinking or cooking […]

Building climate resilient agriculture –

Building climate resilient agriculture -

There has been renewed interest and firm international commitment to address the devastating impacts of climate change. The virtual Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by US President Joe Biden last week captured the world’s attention with 40 global leaders participating and Chinese President Xi Jinping and others agreeing to take stronger collective action to address […]

Earth day climate summit: key takeaways

Dozens of world leaders met online for a two-day virtual summit that started Thursday on reducing climate change hosted by US President Joe Biden. Amid rising tensions among global powers, the leaders, however, seemed to agree on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, raising hope that climate goals set by Paris climate accord might be within our […]

New promise on climate by world leaders: A hope in the horizon

The climate change summit of 40 world leaders, spearheaded by the US President Joe Biden during April 22-23, 2021, amidst the concern for achievability of the climate ambitions is a significant step forward. A number of countries announced their new targets of higher reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while the others reiterated their commitments. […]

Atiwa East Department of Agriculture organises climate smart agriculture field day

It introduces an intervention to effectively reduce the effect of climate change on agriculture

Business News of Sunday, 25 April 2021 Source: Samuel Baah, Contributor 2021-04-25 It introduces an intervention to effectively reduce the effect of climate change on agriculture Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an integrated approach to managing landscapes—cropland, livestock, forests, and fisheries–that addresses the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change. In Ghana, the contribution of […]

Halting the vast release of methane is critical for climate, UN says

A cattle feedlot in Tulia, Texas, Sept 1, 2020. Methane from livestock is expected to make up a growing share of future methane emissions, unless there are technological breakthroughs, or the world’s top meat consumers change their diet. The New York Times

The global methane assessment, compiled by an international team of scientists, reflects a growing recognition that the world needs to start reining in planet-warming emissions more rapidly, and that abating methane, a particularly potent greenhouse gas, will be critical in the short term. It follows new data that showed that both carbon dioxide and methane […]

ED: Rich countries need to pay up to fight climate change


Climate change is no longer a threat to just the future — we are seeing its effects in the present While the planet rightfully continues its battle against Covid-19 and developing effective vaccines to eliminate it for good, the fight against climate change remains, and will remain, the single biggest threat to humanity in the […]