Intensive water management in California promotes ‘live fast, die young’ cycle in floodplain forests

Riparian community woodlands along the lower Tuolumne River near Merced, California. The dry grassland in the background indicates the semi-arid conditions and drought environment. Credit:┬áJOHN STELLA, ESF Woodlands along streams and rivers are an important part of California’s diverse ecology. They are biodiversity hotspots, providing various ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and critical habitat for […]

UN: La Nina climate cycle has peaked

FILE PHOTO: Vehicles are submerged at a plot flooded by the Chamelecon River due to heavy rain caused by Storm Iota in Honduras on November 19, 2020 Reuters La Nina conditions have been in place since August-September 2020 The 2020-2021 La Nina phenomenon has passed its peak, the UN weather agency said on Tuesday, but […]