Global conress calls for protecting 30% of Earth, 80% of Amazon

Global conress calls for protecting 30% of Earth, 80% of Amazon

Dead goats lay down in a forest following a wildfire near Kerasia Village on Evia island on August 11 2021 AFP The IUCN does not set global policy, but its recommendations have in the past served as the backbone for UN treaties and conventions  The world’s most influential conservation congress passed resolutions Friday calling for […]

Man on ailing Earth suffers the consequences

Neil Ray   | Published: July 25, 2021 21:38:11 The planet Earth is in turmoil. Its health does not at all look sound. In the first year of the pandemic, the Earth got some breathing respite on account of widespread lockdowns across most parts of its length and breadth. But the option for vaccination and […]

Ominous sign for Earth

Climate change and deforestation have flipped a large swathe of the Amazon basin from absorbing to emitting planet-warming CO2, a transformation that could turn humanity’s greatest natural ally in the fight against global warming into a foe, researchers reported on Wednesday.  Hundreds of high-altitude air samples collected over the last decade showed that southeastern Amazon, […]

20-inch-tall cow may be the shortest bovine on Earth – California News Times


According to news reports, thousands of visitors flock to a small farm in Bangladesh to see what the shortest cow in the world is. A fully grown 23-month-old Bhutanese cow, Lani has recently been crowded despite local COVID-19 restrictions. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” said visitor Lina Begum. BBC news.. According […]

Mud cylinders reveal humans’ impact on Earth began earlier than we thought

Mud cylinders reveal humans' impact on Earth began earlier than we thought

Researchers hold a mud core drilled from the shores of the Amazon river in Brazil Scientists have been uncorking long, thin cylinders of soil from wetlands and riverbeds in an attempt to look back in time and understand the impact humans have had on nature. The results have made them radically rethink previous assumptions about […]

Love Your Mother (Earth) This Mother’s Day with Organic Apparel from Rodale Institute & YES AND

Love Your Mother (Earth) This Mother’s Day with Organic Apparel from Rodale Institute & YES AND

Kutztown, PA, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As Mother’s Day approaches, organic farming nonprofit Rodale Institute encourages everyone to “love your Mother Earth” and grow more organic acres with their new t-shirt collaboration with YES AND Apparel and artist Hannah Eddy.   Rodale Institute’s newest certified organic cotton t-shirts, manufactured by YES AND, feature […]

Earth day climate summit: key takeaways

Dozens of world leaders met online for a two-day virtual summit that started Thursday on reducing climate change hosted by US President Joe Biden. Amid rising tensions among global powers, the leaders, however, seemed to agree on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, raising hope that climate goals set by Paris climate accord might be within our […]

Opinion: Agriculture’s commitment to Earth Day

Opinion: Agriculture’s commitment to Earth Day

As we observe Earth Day 2021 and look forward to a time in the not-so-distant future when we start to come together again after a very long year-plus apart, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for everything that farmers and ranchers have done during this stressful period to further the causes of […]

World Earth Day: Making the world livable is now the big challenge

Poet Sukanta Bhattacharya said, “I will make this world habitable for child. This is my firm promise to the newborn.” Every year on April 22, World Earth Day is celebrated worldwide and the main goal of this day is to protect the environment and nature and make the earth habitable. Earth Day was first observed […]