China to continue support fight against Covid-19: envoy

Stocks extend record highs

Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming on Thursday said that his country reassured its support to Bangladesh in the fight against the pandemic till the final and full victory. With Bangladesh endeavouring to become fully developed by its 70th jubilee, and China embarking on a new journey towards its second centennial goal, there are infinite […]

Rich nations must commit more than $100bn in climate fight, says India

Rich nations must commit more than $100bn in climate fight, says India

Wealthy nations are under ever-greater pressure to deliver on an unmet pledge, made in 2009, to send $100 billion a year to help finance an adequate response by developing countries to rising global temperatures as the world prepares for COP26. “This $100 billion that the advanced economies are talking about actually for innovation in climate […]

Cut methane in climate fight

The European Union and the United States yesterday called on more nations to join a pledge to slash methane gas emissions and cut warming by at least 0.2 degrees Celsius by 2050. The initiative — unveiled by President Joe Biden on Friday — means countries would commit to a collective goal of reducing emissions of […]

Biden asks world leaders to cut methane in climate fight

File photo: US President Joe Biden delivers remarks in honor of labor unions in the East Room at the White House in Washington, US, September 8, 2021 Reuters UK Prime Minister Johnson pledges to be among the first signatories of the Global Methane Pledge US President Joe Biden urged world leaders on Friday to join […]

Scientists fight to restore the world’s soil – Florida News Times

Dirty Problem: Scientists Fight to Restorate the World's Soil

Intensification of agriculture has increased food production, but has caused havoc in the soil. Maintaining agriculture for the future depends on our ability to fix it.Credit: Murdoch University On a rural farm in Bangladesh, Sonatan holds a special blessing ceremony for his life-changing small and cheap tractor. It was an amazing few years for a […]

Scientists fight to fix the world’s soils

A dirty problem: Scientists fight to fix the world's soils

The intensification of agriculture has ramped up food production, but wreaked havoc on soils. Sustaining agriculture into the future depends on our ability to fix it. Credit: Murdoch University On a rural Bangladesh farm, Sonatan holds special blessing ceremonies for a small, cheap tractor that changed his life. It’s been a remarkable few years for […]

UN report ignites fight for funds to build climate defences

Smoke billows over the hills to the north of a Red Cross disaster shelter as the Bootleg Fire expands to over 210,000 acres. Klamath Falls, Oregon, US, July 14, 2021. REUTERS

The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made clear the planet will get warmer for at least the next few decades, and seas will rise for centuries – trends that have already triggered weather disasters across the globe. “The fact that some changes are going to continue to play out for a long, […]

New farm check-in app is latest tool in fight against spread of pests and diseases

More than 16,000 banana plants have been killed by biosecurity officers on a Tully farm

Biosecurity is one of the greatest challenges for agriculture, with exotic pests, diseases and weeds already costing the sector millions of dollars every year. Key points: The ‘Farm Check-In’ app has been launched as a new biosecurity measure Farmers are hopeful it will assist to prevent the spread of pest and diseases between properties Concerns […]

Local heroes to fight climate change

Syed Fattahul Alim   | Published: August 06, 2021 21:46:35 Extreme weather causing damage to life and property on a large scale is no more happening in some faraway places in the southern hemisphere. Such natural calamities are now commonplace in parts of the world that are advanced in science and technology. Recent floods in […]