New technique helps farm more fish, minimize waste


‘Using only an acre of land, we can now achieve the same output as a 30-acre pond. It is a simple technology, which is purely organic’ Fish farming, usually done in large ponds, has now moved indoors and is taking up less space as Bangladeshi aquaculture tries its luck at using biofloc technology (BFT). Biofloc […]

Utilizing the potential of fish farming

Utilizing the potential of fish farming

Bangladesh is a riverine country which is blessed with many big and small rivers along with many other water bodies including haor, baor, beel, jheel, etc. All these water bodies once were full of different species of indigenous fishes. There was a popular saying that fish and rice make a Bengali. Thousands of people in […]

PM Hasina urges country’s youth to take up fish farming as livelihood

A huge volume of employment opportunities has been generated in the fisheries sector due to the various measures taken by the government, the prime minister says Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the youths to engage themselves in self-employment activities availing of the government facilities to be financially self-reliant and make a prosperous and developed […]

Alternative resilient livelihood through fish farming


Bidhan Chandra Das shows his fish he farmed in his own pond. Courtesy How Bidhan Chandra Das became the ‘friend of fish farmer’ in his village Intense and frequent occurrences of cyclone, flood, tidal surge, river erosion, and salinity stress have been rigorously disturbing agriculture, fish cultivation, and livestock rearing in the coastal zone in […]