Two dead after three fishermen swept into ocean at popular NSW fishing spot

Two men from Sydney’s western suburbs have died after three fishermen were swept into the ocean at a popular fishing spot at Port Kembla on the NSW south coast. Mahedi Khan, 30, and 37-year-old Mozaffor Ahmed, both from from Lakemba were unable to be revived after a wave knocked them into the water just before […]

Fishing in the Shadow of a Megacity: Delhi and Its ‘Unseen’ Fisherfolks

Fishing in the Shadow of a Megacity: Delhi and Its ‘Unseen’ Fisherfolks

The Yamuna has a longstanding history with the city of Delhi. The Yamuna is not only historically and culturally significant to Delhi, which developed on the banks of the river, but also central to the national capital’s visual imagination. It has been a source of life for thousands of years, providing drinking water, resources for […]

We will not vote for NRM, fishing communities say

By Monitor Team As President Museveni endeavours to mend fences with the fishing communities who claim they were tortured by the army’s  Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU),majority have vowed not to vote for National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates in the Thursday national elections. The communities, who derive their livelihood mainly from the lakes such as Victoria, […]

Ghost fishing gear is threatening the acquatic life in Ganga

Ghost fishing gear is threatening the acquatic life in Ganga

The endangered Ganges river dolphin and species of threatened freshwater turtle and otter are wildlife “most at risk” from getting tangled up in waste fishing gear adrift in the transboundary Ganges river system, research has said. Scientists associated with the Sea to Source expedition carried out a biodiversity threat assessment of Gangetic wildlife species most […]

Biodiversity threats from ghost fishing gear in Ganges river system

Maps showing a) expedition sampling locations (numbered 1–9) and fish landing sites (red star symbols) where waste fishing gear surveys took place in b) India and c) Bangladesh. The Ganges is depicted in blue. Photo from study.

Threatened freshwater turtles, otters and the endangered Ganges river dolphin are species most at risk from waste fishing gear in the Ganga river system. Higher levels of waste fishing gear were reported in sampling sites near the sea. It is likely due to the high prevalence of fishing activity at these sites combined with the […]

UK readies navy to protect fishing if Brexit talks fail

British government Brexit information campaign advertisement is seen along the M25 near Westerham, in Kent on December 12, 2020 Reuters Four 80-metre vessels have been placed on standby to guard British waters Britain on Saturday readied armed Royal Navy ships to patrol its fishing waters if tempers flare after a “no-deal” Brexit as a make-or-break […]