‘Profits over people’: Virus overruns Malaysian glove factories

'Profits over people': Virus overruns Malaysian glove factories

Bangladeshi migrant worker Sheikh Kibria recalls with horror the filthy, overcrowded dormitory where he was housed by the world’s biggest rubber glove manufacturer when a COVID-19 outbreak erupted and infected thousands. Malaysia’s Top Glove saw profits soar, and its stock price jump as much as 400 percent this year as countries worldwide rushed to buy […]

Farmer agitation: Use iron fist in a velvet glove

  The agitating Punjab farmers can be painted as saints or sinners. On the one hand, they spearheaded the Green Revolution in the 1960s when India was starving, helping India become not just self-sufficient but a grain exporter. For this they were rightly called heroes. But by growing water-guzzling crops like rice in a low-rainfall […]