Finding a way out to avoid potato glut

'Fair price' makes mustard farmers happy

Wasi Ahmed   | Published: April 20, 2021 21:42:32 The country now produces close to 11 million tonnes of potato annually – a surplus of approximately 4.0 million tonnes. Is it thus at all logical to think that producing more than the domestic demand is fated to be wasted? This, unfortunately, happens to be the […]

Experts recommend Bangladesh’s use of global LNG glut


FE REPORT | Published: February 08, 2021 09:01:31 | Updated: February 08, 2021 11:17:07 The world is passing a golden age of natural gas, and countries like Bangladesh can make the best use of global LNG (liquefied natural gas) surplus to further make electricity generation and distribution affordable, speakers at a virtual media conference said. […]