Huawei vows to empower ASEAN’s green development

Huawei will leverage its digital power innovations to enable ASEAN’s cooperation on climate change and green development, said Jeffery Liu, President of Huawei Asia Pacific at the online ASEAN-China Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Forum Friday, says a press release.  Climate change and environmental issues are becoming global challenges. Though carbon emissions declined over the […]

Chattogram City’s CRB Area: Citizens resist hospital project on green space

Chattogram City’s CRB Area: Citizens resist hospital project on green space

They say construction would harm environment; railway staff protest displacement; legal notice served on BR Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:00 AM Century-old trees at CRB area, the designated site for constructing a new hospital and medical college, are the focus for those protesting the initiative. They are worried that the trees might be felled during […]

Why Assam farmer Samir Bordoloi is training ‘green’ commandos

Ask a teenager what they want to become when they grow up, and you will hear a range of answers, from mainstream options like doctors, engineers and pilots to off-beat options like marine biologists, archaeologists or something whacky like a stuntman. But what are the chances they will say ‘farmer’? Slim to none.  It is […]

Boost to clean energy investment could drive 10m new green jobs

From offshore wind farms in Britain to floating solar power plants in Vietnam, about 13,000 renewable energy projects in nearly 50 countries are waiting for finance – and could create up to 10 million green jobs, consultancy EY-Parthenon said on Wednesday. In a report, EY said the projects offered $2 trillion in investment opportunities that […]

Managing environmental resources for green growth in Bangladesh

Development in Bangladesh: A most pleasant surprise

The current pattern of global economic development is unsustainable. It is based on the extraction of natural resources and use of a carbon-intensive production and consumption system to produce goods and services for the economy. Indeed, the global development path has been based on the philosophy of accelerating growth by way of burning fossil fuels. […]

Dairy farmers in Cornwall and Brittany to go green thanks to new two-year scheme

Dairy farmers in Cornwall and Brittany to go green thanks to new two-year scheme

Dairy farmers in Cornwall and Brittany are to take part in a new scheme to help them go green. As part of the two-year programme, 80 farmers on both sides of the Channel will receive help to reduce their greengas emissions and improve productivity. The scheme, called Agriculture Bas Carbone for Dairy (ABCD), will support […]

Implement policies efficiently for green growth

Bangladesh needs to formulate a plan and take appropriate and effective steps to implement it to ensure eco-friendly development, analysts said yesterday. According to the Sustainable Development Goals, the country can’t develop itself economically alone. Bangladesh must advance socially and environmentally based on green technology, they said. For all latest news, follow The Daily Star’s […]

Activists call for mapping out green growth model for sustainable development

FE REPORT | Published: June 21, 2021 10:02:16 Speakers at a webinar on Sunday said the country needed a right kind of green growth model for its successful transition to sustainable development from a polluting one. The model should be formulated in consistent with a broad based policy framework involving other policies, they said. The […]

Incentivize green industries through legal framework, say experts

Although several policies have been identified by independent experts, no legal framework exists that enforces the implementation of an ecosystem which empowers a greener trajectory, they say For a greener and sustainable economy, Bangladesh needs to implement a legal policy framework that not only incentivizes greener industries, but also discourages environmental degradation and holds stakeholders […]

Tackling plastic pollution for green growth in Bangladesh

Mercy Tembon | Published: June 05, 2021 21:58:57 From our bustling cities to our beautiful countryside, plastic is choking our drains and rivers. It’s causing open flooding and providing convenient breeding grounds for mosquito and water-borne diseases as water becomes trapped in plastic. Plastic also degrades over time, releasing smaller particles called microplastics, posing a […]