Call for inclusion of women in sustainable food systems

'Fair price' makes mustard farmers happy

Lack of proper recognition left women smallholder farmers at stake, speakers say FE ONLINE DESK | Published: June 04, 2021 13:59:53 | Updated: June 04, 2021 17:46:17 Despite playing a critical role in ensuring food security and proper nutrition for families, women remain common victims to malnutrition, experts have said. They expressed such opinion on […]

Importance of equity and social inclusion as means of achieving an equal future


Why we need gender-responsive adaptation technologies In an “ideal world” gender equity, diversity and social inclusion should be intrinsically embedded in our norms. Yet on the contrary, women and men are shaped by the societies (political, economic and social sphere) and expectations, in such a way that they are invariably different in terms of their […]