Disaster induced water crisis in Gabura

File photo of flooding caused by Cyclone Amphan. Photo: Kazi Fazla Rabbi While the government and non-profit organizations are doing their best to help out, it is still unlikely the plight of these people are going to end soon Another cyclone season is here. Experience of the cyclone season varies from where you are reading […]

Strategies to address Covid-19 induced labour market challenges

Development in Bangladesh: A most pleasant surprise

Covid-19 deeply affected the labour market in Bangladesh. It intensified some of the existing challenges and brought about a new set of problems. A large number of people either lost employment or income and many are also experiencing intense job insecurity and uncertainty. The labour market was facing several challenges even before Covid-19. Though the […]

Financing climate change induced loss and damage in Bangladesh

The scope for public-private partnerships The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent with rising sea levels, warming temperatures, and increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events already being observed across the globe. There is an overwhelming body of evidence which suggests that these hazards will intensify in coming years, triggering far-reaching consequences […]