Meet the Black Farmers Making Agritourism the Next Big Thing in Travel

Meet the Black Farmers Making Agritourism the Next Big Thing in Travel

In a state best-known for bluegrass music and horse racing, Kentucky’s Black farmers are putting their lands on the list of can’t-miss destinations. “We’re world-renowned for our equine and horse-racing history,” says Ashley Smith, co-founder and COO of Black Soil KY, of Kentucky. But the agricultural use of the state’s rolling, green hills? Not so […]

Making the world listen to us

Syed Fattahul Alim     | Published: August 30, 2021 21:34:35 | Updated: August 31, 2021 21:55:04 The UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference or Conference Of Parties, COP26, is scheduled to meet in Glasgow, UK, between November 1 and 2. Heads of states from close to 200 nations will join this summit along with thousands […]

Bapa calls for making Sundarbans a tiger habitat


Tigers will only survive if the Sundarbans survives, says Sultana Kamal Green activists have called on the authorities to make the Sundarbans suitable for the habitation of tigers. They shared their stories on tigers and the Sundarbans which reflected the locals’ love and respect for the mangrove forest and its inhabitants, according to a press […]

Making most of demographic data

Getting products GI-tagged

Nilratan Halder   | Published: July 01, 2021 22:37:01 A survey report titled, “Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics (BSVS) 2020” unveiled on Monday last has come up with many a positive for the nation even in this most critical time. However, the title should have been Sample Bangladesh Vital Statistics because it is sample vital statistics […]

Audi to stop making fossil fuel cars by 2033: CEO

Starting in 2026, Audi plans to only launch new all-electric car models, while "gradually phasing out" production of i

Starting in 2026, Audi plans to only launch new all-electric car models, while “gradually phasing out” production of internal combustion engines until 2033. German luxury carmaker Audi said Tuesday it will stop manufacturing diesel and petrol cars by 2033 as part of an industry-wide pivot towards more environmentally friendly electric cars. “Audi is ready to […]

Climate change is making big problems bigger

Michael Regan, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, during a news conference at the White House in Washington, May 11, 2021. Up-to-date and comprehensive data compiled by the EPA shows that a warming world is making life harder for Americans, in ways that threaten their health and safety, homes and communities. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Climate change is already happening around the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday. And in many cases, that change is speeding up. The freshly compiled data, the federal government’s most comprehensive and up-to-date information yet, shows that a warming world is making life harder for Americans in ways that threaten their health, safety, […]

PHP now making reflective glass

PHP Float Glass Industries, a concern of PHP Family, has started manufacturing reflective glass for the first time with plans to export it on meeting local demand. Reflective glass is a type of standard glass that has a thin layer of metallic or metallic oxide coating. This reflective coating is applied during the float process […]

Making market at the doorstep


Daily transection in the Collection Centre at west Gulishakhali village in Bagerhat district. Photo: Kamruzzman Khan An alternative solution for better access to market for the smallholder farmers West Gulishakhali (ward no 8) is a village at Nishanbaria Union under Morrelganj Upazila, Bagerhat district. This is a flood and saline prone 4 square kilometre area, […]

OP-ED: Tomatoes abound – Should Bangladesh ponder making passata


Adding value and inter-temporal shifting are indeed the essence of agricultural development This newspaper reports that Dinajpur is awash with tomatoes that cannot be shipped to market because of Covid-related transport restrictions.  I, having spent a childhood in the Naples area of Italy, see lakes of passata just waiting to be made and shipped on […]