Russia still main market for Turkish fruits and vegetables in 2020

Russia still main market for Turkish fruits and vegetables in 2020

According to the Head of the Association of Exporters of Vegetables and Fruits of Istanbul, Melisa Tokgez Mutlu, Turkey has set a new record in the exports of fresh vegetables and fruits in 2020. Mutlu asserts that the agricultural sector was one of the economic areas that felt the least damage from the pandemic. “Exports […]

Govt must not let rice market be volatile

Bangladeshi shot by BSF along Patgram border dies

A LOW government stock of food grains, especially rice, and a syndicate of millers and wholesalers appear to have caused a worrying increase in rice prices for more than eight months. The food grain stock, as New Age reported on Monday, came down to five lakh tonnes when 10 lakh tonnes is considered optimal. The […]

Rice market heats up; farmers, consumers bear brunt

Experts suggest forming Agricultural Price Commission to protect farmers’ interests

Lower stock allows millers to raise prices at their whim, say analysts FE Report | Published: January 11, 2021 08:30:11 | Updated: January 11, 2021 08:43:27 Both consumers and marginal farmers are suffering as prices of rice continue to surge, analysts said on Sunday. To remedy the situation, they suggested forming an Agricultural Price Commission […]

China’s socialist market economy

How extreme weather emptying Bangladesh's villages

Hasnat Abdul Hye   | Published: December 29, 2020 21:23:40 At one time, not so long ago, market socialism was a laughable idea, considered almost as an oxymoron. The two words, market socialism, conveyed a classic case of mutual contradiction. Among the most important requirements of establishing a Marxist socialist system were the two that […]

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