Changing What It Means to Be a ‘Strong Farmer’ by Prioritizing Mental Health – The Allegheny Front

Changing What It Means to Be a ‘Strong Farmer’ by Prioritizing Mental Health - The Allegheny Front

Growing food or producing milk can be life-giving, but farmers also face unique challenges that can lead to anxiety and depression. While efforts to help are growing, there’s a push to get Pennsylvania to do more. LISTEN to the story Third-generation farmer Layne Kind milks 350 Holstein and Jersey cows every morning and every […]

Importance of equity and social inclusion as means of achieving an equal future


Why we need gender-responsive adaptation technologies In an “ideal world” gender equity, diversity and social inclusion should be intrinsically embedded in our norms. Yet on the contrary, women and men are shaped by the societies (political, economic and social sphere) and expectations, in such a way that they are invariably different in terms of their […]

What the Texas energy crisis means for Bangladesh’s energy security

Sam Reynolds | Published: March 21, 2021 20:55:55 The energy crisis in Texas has become world news. During extreme winter weather in February, surging electricity demand collided with falling generation, forcing the state’s grid operator to implement rolling blackouts. At its peak, at least 4.5 million Texans were without electricity and more than 80 deaths […]

Horse-drawn carriages only means of transportation still!

Horse-drawn carriages only means of transportation still!

ROVING CORRESPONDENT | Published: March 08, 2021 10:02:32 GAIBANDHA: Horse-drawn carriage is the only reliable vehicle for thousands of char people under Saghata upazila in Gainbandha district. Various rabi crops including maize, wheat, almonds, sweet pumpkin, chilli, wheat, china, kaun and linseed are grown during dry season after recession of flood water. The char people […]

A glimpse of the future in Texas: climate change means trouble for power grids

Lynden Davidson, 16, and Tempa Cole, 14, shovel driveways in their neighbourhood for $20 a drive in Columbus, Ohio, Feb 16, 2021. Power grids are designed to handle spikes in demand, but the wild and unpredictable weather linked to global warming will very likely push grids beyond their limits. (Maddie McGarvey/The New York Times)

The grid failures were most severe in Texas, where more than 4 million people woke up Tuesday to rolling blackouts. Separate regional grids in the Southwest and Midwest also faced serious strain. As of Tuesday afternoon, at least 23 people nationwide had died in the storm or its aftermath. Analysts have begun to identify key […]