US, UK fund for reduction of Dhaka’s river pollution


Through the $297,000 USAID grant, Water Keepers Bangladesh (WKB) will implement a robust advocacy initiative to monitor and control Dhaka City water, air, and noise quality The USA and the UK have cofounded an advocacy project with the Dhaka North and South City Corporations to reduce different rivers pollution in Dhaka district. The new anti-pollution […]

ED: Innovating to tackle the plastic problem


This is not the first time that measures to tackle plastic waste have been proposed The environmental threat of plastic pollution is hardly news to residents of Bangladesh, and Dhaka in particular. Despite the several measures proposed and undertaken till date, the situation has hardly improved. Instead, over the past 15 years, the capital city […]

Shahab Uddin urges all to be sound conscious to check noise pollution


‘We will build noise pollution free environment, Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh’ Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md Shahab Uddin on Wednesday urged all to be sound conscious, aiming to check noise pollution. “We all need to be sound conscious to remain free from noise pollution. We must stop making unnecessary noises,” he told a virtual […]

Pandemic lockdowns cut pollution, slowing snowmelt in South Asia

People walk on the Rajpath on a smoggy day in New Delhi, India, November 1, 2019. REUTERS 

The lockdowns cut emissions of soot and other pollutants, as people drove less and the generation of electricity, largely from coal, was reduced. That meant less soot was deposited on snow, where it absorbs sunlight, emits heat and causes faster melting. The cleaner snow in 2020 reflected more sunlight and did not melt as fast, […]

India may build new coal plants due to low cost despite climate change

A worker carries coal in a basket in an industrial area in Mumbai, India May 31, 2017. REUTERS

Coal’s contribution to electricity generation in India fell for the second straight year in 2020, marking a departure from decades of growth in coal-fired power. Still, the fuel accounts for nearly three-fourths of India’s annual power output. Environmental activists have long rallied against India adding new coal-fired capacity. Solar and wind energy prices are falling […]

World’s Farming Land At Risk Of Pesticide Pollution, India Farmers Have Bigger Problem

Farmer using pesticide in a remote village in Bihar

Pesticide is a chemical or biological agent intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest. They represent the last input in agriculture and are used to prevent the spoilage of crops from pests such as insects, fungi, weeds, etc., thereby increasing the overall productivity. Mayank Mohanti for Indiatimes Pesticide pollution a cause for worry […]

Fighting plastic pollution: EcoVia working to transform RMG waste

Fighting plastic pollution: EcoVia working to transform RMG waste

EcoVia, a biodegradable plastic manufacturing startup, is working to combat plastic pollution by offering environmentally friendly alternatives.  The organisation uses plant-based waste, such as apparel and paper waste, to make bioplastics. Plastic is responsible for polluting water bodies and soil, and for disrupting the ecological balance. The main reason behind this destruction is the non-biodegradable […]

Environment laws and courts exist, but no cases

Delayed investigations, absent witnesses Cases lie unresolved for years at the Dhaka environmental court. For example, around 17 years ago, on 24 July 2004, the police had arrested two persons in possession of contraband polythene. Two years after the cases was filed, charges were finally framed against these two persons, Md Shahin and Asadul. Not […]

CO2 pollution bounces back, climate goals at risk


White smoke rises from the blast furnace Schwelgern at the plant of the German industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp in Duisburg, western Germany, on February 4, 2021. – ThyssenKrupp will broadcast the annual general meeting live via internet streaming with presentations by CEO Martina Merz on February 5, 2021 AFP Energy-related emissions were 2% higher in December […]