ED: Innovating to tackle the plastic problem


This is not the first time that measures to tackle plastic waste have been proposed The environmental threat of plastic pollution is hardly news to residents of Bangladesh, and Dhaka in particular. Despite the several measures proposed and undertaken till date, the situation has hardly improved. Instead, over the past 15 years, the capital city […]

ED: Rich countries need to pay up to fight climate change


Climate change is no longer a threat to just the future — we are seeing its effects in the present While the planet rightfully continues its battle against Covid-19 and developing effective vaccines to eliminate it for good, the fight against climate change remains, and will remain, the single biggest threat to humanity in the […]

ED: Untapped opportunities


Covid-19 has also taken global attention away from the climate change crisis, which is only getting worse The current global pandemic has led to increased uncertainty and concern surrounding the climate crisis. Many have welcomed the drop in carbon emissions during the first few months of lockdown last year, and subsequently hailed the virus as […]

ED: We must tackle air pollution immediately


Air pollution levels in the capital have become ‘extreme’ Year after year, Dhaka continues to dominate the list of cities with the worst air quality in the world.  This is especially a problem during the winter season, with the quality improving during monsoon season. Even then, the people of the city are not that much […]

ED: Farming meets tech

ED: Farming meets tech

Mechanization will take bold leaps forward in these next years There can be no doubt about it: Agriculture is the bedrock of our economy. In the 50 years since our independence, as prominent economists pointed out at a dialogue organized by Power and Participation Research Centre, the rural economy and the agricultural sector were the […]

ED: Getting tough on illegal brick kilns

ED: Getting tough on illegal brick kilns

A brick kiln operating at full-throttle at Ramnathpur village under Khulna’s Paikgachha upazila Dhaka Tribune Lands become barren, and people suffer from all kinds of diseases Air pollution is one of the main problems affecting the quality of life in Bangladesh, and consistently, illegal brick kilns have been among the worst offenders in that area. […]

ED: A cry for help from the Sundarbans

By the time poachers and smugglers are caught, the damage is usually already done The poaching and trafficking of wildlife in the Sundarbans has risen so significantly in recent times that a red alert had to be issued. Animal populations, such as those of deer and the endangered Bengal Tigers, in the mangrove forests are […]

ED: Bringing the private sector into conservation

No good can come of harming the eco-system of the very planet we rely on for our survival In our pursuit of economic growth, we often end up harming the natural world around us. Of course, there will always be tradeoffs — resources are needed to feed, clothe, and house the people on this planet, […]

ED: For higher yields

Global wheat demand might rise by 60% by 2050 Bangladesh is often referred to as one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which are wide and far reaching. Wheat production is one such area, which has experienced a severe drop in the past two decades. Although a part of the […]

ED: Locally-led adaptation is the way forward

A holistic approach ought to be the measure taken moving forward Bangladesh remains one of the most vulnerable countries to the threat of climate change, and as such, when it comes to adaptation, we must not only be as efficient as possible, but take into account that any measures we take must benefit everyone, particularly […]