Bangi cultivation gains popularity in Narsingdi char areas


Bangi farming in infertile char lands of Meghna and Arial Kha rivers in Narsigdi becomes boon for poor farmers BSS Successful yield of the juicy fruit brings a substantial amount of money to the farmers Cultivation of Bangi fruit or Muskmelon is gaining ground in Narsingdi district due to its good market price and less […]

Groundnut cultivation gaining popularity in Manikganj char areas


Groundnut cultivation gains popularity in Manikganj char areas as the cash crop grows well in the sandy barren land BSS Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) officials here said the groundnut is generally cultivated on the sandy land The farmers of char areas of Daulatpur, Shibalaya and Harirampur upazilas of the district are happy for getting […]

Crop farming in bed gains popularity in Rajshahi region


Wheat farmers cheered up over harvesting better yield this season through adopting the bed plantation system Crops especially wheat and maize farming in bed-planting method have been gaining popularity in Rajshahi region including its vast barind tract. Wheat farmers cheered up over harvesting better yield this season through adopting the bed plantation system. Farmers are […]

Dried fish gaining popularity at home and abroad


Fish are sliced up and covered in salt after their entrails are disposed of before drying them in the sun to preserve the meat Dhaka Tribune Shutki varieties made out of fish caught in Chalan Beel region are quite popular across the country for their taste and quality, say locals With an ever-growing demand for […]

Sunflower cultivation gaining popularity in Chandpur

Horse-drawn carriages only means of transportation still!

OUR CORRESPONDENT | Published: March 10, 2021 12:00:08 The farmers of Chandpur district are showing keen interest to grow sunflower in their fields, the officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in the district have told the FE correspondent. The officials said under the government’s Agriculture Rehabilitation programme, a total of 100 farmers, including […]

Roof top agro farm getting popularity

Roof top agro farm getting popularity

Dhaka city has 30,000 rooftop gardens Md Joynal Abedin Khan : The rooftop agricultural farming is getting popularity in the city, town and some rural areas that partially fulfilling the demand of vegetables, fruits, flowers to the aristocratic growers.Despite the importance of food and nutrition, it will assist the cultivators to take free and fair […]

Why hybrid rice is not gaining popularity in Bangladesh

How extreme weather emptying Bangladesh's villages

Khondoker Abdul Mottaleb | Published: December 24, 2020 21:38:59 Rice is crucial to ensure food and dietary energy security of Bangladesh. In terms of per capita rice consumption, Bangladesh is ranked as the top in the world, which is yearly per capita 268.5 kg. The share of rice in the daily dietary energy is now […]