Dark future? Climate change fuels higher heat, flood threats for children

Dark future? Climate change fuels higher heat, flood threats for children

Children will, on average, suffer seven times more heatwaves and nearly three times more droughts, floods and crop failures due to fast-accelerating climate change, found a report from aid agency Save the Children. Those in low- and middle-income countries will bear the brunt, with Afghan children likely to endure up to 18 times as many […]

‘It’s connected to you’: Shared causes fuel surge in disasters

'It's connected to you': Shared causes fuel surge in disasters

Many storm shelters were already occupied by quarantined migrant workers who had returned home as the COVID-19 pandemic shut their workplaces, leaving local people a choice between facing the cyclone at home or braving the virus in shelters. From Arctic heat and wildfires to Texas cold-weather power outages and Amazon deforestation, threats around the world […]

World Elephant Day today: Threats intensified

Wild elephants face serious threats to their survival in the country, thanks to frequent killings of the giant mammal and shrinking of their habitat in the absence of concrete protective measures by the government. Since 2001, a total of 120 elephants have died for various reasons, including direct shootings, shows data of Wildlife and Nature […]

Threats to Meghna river basin ecosystem: A wake-up call for Bangladesh, India

Jehangir Hussain | Published: July 24, 2021 21:55:47 A wide range of threats facing the ecosystem of Meghna river basinis constitute a wake-up call for both Bangladesh and India. But neither country is showing any interest to protect or promote the basin’s ecosystem. An ecosystem is a geographical area, where plants, animals, and other organisms, […]

Hunger, drought, disease: UN climate report reveals dire health threats


A child belonging to the Turkana community stands next to the family house, covered with a blanket, in the early morning hours in an arid dry area in Morungole, Turkana County, Kenya, on October 3, 2019 AFP A forthcoming report by the IPCC, offers a distressing vision of the decades to come: Malnutrition, water insecurity, […]

Seed keepers in Turkey revive old farming methods to confront new climate threats

Seed keepers in Turkey revive old farming methods to confront new climate threats

Huseyin Kara introduces each crop on his farm in southern Turkey with the pride of a new grandfather. Three types of okra, beans and tomatoes grow happily from the dry, crusty earth. In a nearby garden, trees blossom with young figs, lemons and pomegranates.  Each comes from a line of seeds saved after each harvest, […]

China push for global power tops US security threats: Intel report

Reuters | Published: April 14, 2021 12:44:13 | Updated: April 14, 2021 18:25:50 China’s push for global power is the leading threat to US national security, while Russia’s efforts to undermine American influence and assert itself as a major actor also pose a challenge, said a US intelligence report released on Tuesday. The 2021 Annual […]

Governments urged to use COVID-19 stimulus to adapt to climate threats

Residents collect sand to protect their flooded homes damaged after heavy rain in El Polvorin district of Piura, northern Peru, March 16, 2017. Reuters

In the fifth edition of its Adaptation Gap Report, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said some progress had been made on planning to protect economies and societies from the worsening impacts of climate change. But not enough work had been done on the ground as funding fell far short of needs, with only an […]