Padma Bank in Trouble: Fails to pay back BCTF’s overdue funds

The Bangladesh Climate Trust Fund (BCTF) has warned Padma Bank of legal action over its failure to pay back the fixed deposit receipt (FDR) worth Tk 29.1 crore upon maturity. The FDR had matured on May 25, and despite sending a letter to the troubled bank on May 20 of legal action if the amount […]

Lockdown: Sirajganj dairy farmers in trouble again


Sirajganj dairy farmers are facing a difficult situation for ongoing lockdown as thousands of litres of milk are wasted due to drop in its sales UNB Shahjadpur upazila produces some 20.50 lakh litres of milk a day, but now thousands of litres of milk are wasted due to drop in its sales and lack of […]

Farmers in trouble without water management facilities in Khulna


Vast tracts of land remain underwater for the most part of the year in Baka village of Paikgachha upazila in Khulna Dhaka Tribune It is high time the Kopotakkho River was dredged and brought back to life, says a worried local resident Farmers of Baka village in Khulna’s Paikgachha upazila have been experiencing year-round instances […]

A glimpse of the future in Texas: climate change means trouble for power grids

Lynden Davidson, 16, and Tempa Cole, 14, shovel driveways in their neighbourhood for $20 a drive in Columbus, Ohio, Feb 16, 2021. Power grids are designed to handle spikes in demand, but the wild and unpredictable weather linked to global warming will very likely push grids beyond their limits. (Maddie McGarvey/The New York Times)

The grid failures were most severe in Texas, where more than 4 million people woke up Tuesday to rolling blackouts. Separate regional grids in the Southwest and Midwest also faced serious strain. As of Tuesday afternoon, at least 23 people nationwide had died in the storm or its aftermath. Analysts have begun to identify key […]