China’s dam-building over Brahmaputra risks water war with India

China's dam-building over Brahmaputra risks water war with India

Hong Kong, January 24 (ANI): China’s plan to dam the Yarlung Zangbao, the world’s highest river, threatens to spark conflict with downstream India, reported Asia Times.China is planning to construct a mega-dam on the Yarlung Zangbao River, which flows through Tibet and eventually becomes the Brahmaputra when it enters India.The Yarlung Zangbao Dam plan is […]

Modi at war with India

Modi at war with India

Famous political thinkers agree that a number of internal factors like the quantity of population, system of government, geographical location, economic output, and more, play a key role in formulating the foreign policy of a country. However, this thesis is unfounded in India where extremist Hindu entities, led by the BJP, and the fanatic Prime […]

Congress forms panel to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh liberation war

Indira Gandhi and Mujibur Rahman

New Delhi, Dec 30 : Of the 16,833 police stations in India, 143 do not have wireless or mobiles while 257 are without vehicles, reveals BPR&D’s latest data published on Tuesday. As per the Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D) Data on Police Organisations compiled during 2019, 135 of Andhra Pradesh’s 1,021 police stations […]