Uttar Pradesh: Tiger kills 2 farmers in a week

For the second time in a week, a tiger in the Dudhwa Tiger reserve has killed a man. All the villages in the area have been put on alert and residents have been asked to stay away from the forest area and not go out in the evening.

On October 5, an elderly farmer was found dead near the Majhra Purab village and on October 9, the partially-eaten body of another farmer, aged about 60 years, was found the buffer area of the forest.

The farmer, Pyarelal Yadav, had taken his cattle for grazing and did not return home though the cattle came back.

Family members informed the forest department and launched a manhunt. The operation was soon called off as it was getting dark.

The next morning, on Saturday, Yadav’s body was spotted inside the dense forest. There were pugmarks of an adult tiger near the spot. He was possibly mauled by a tiger.

“We need to ensure the tiger returns to its original prey base. That can only be done if there is no human intervention in the forest area for at least 15 days,” Divisional forest officer (DFO) Anil Patel said.

The Forest Department has also decided to install camera traps to monitor the tiger’s movement.

“We are suspecting that the same tiger has killed both the farmers. Our teams are combing the area. We have taken support from experts of WWF-India and Wildlife Trust of India to educate locals and keep a track on the tiger’s movement. Our priority is to ensure that the tiger doesn’t return to human habitat,” the DFO told reporters.

On October 7, two bikers had sustained injuries when a wild animal, again possibly a tiger, had pounced on them in Singahi area.


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