Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Toronto


Visitors to Toronto often choose the city based on its reputation for fantastic world-class cuisine, including its pizzas. Toronto offers a wide range of Italian-inspired fare, including various vegan and gluten free pizzas and pastas.

With so many options, it may be difficult to narrow down one’s choices. However, your search for Toronto’s perfect pizza is now easier than ever with my pick for the top Toronto pizza restaurant.

Garfield Eats: The World’s 1st Garfield Shaped Pizza in Toronto

Inspired by the beloved 1980s comic strip, Garfield Eats is downtown Toronto’s first Garfield shaped pizza. Located at 995 Bloor St W, the convenient downtown location is easily accessible from Ossington Station.

With a fun and lively atmosphere, Garfield Eats is the perfect place to bring the kids and family.

The restaurant is also fully interactive with their promise to make food ordering “entergaging” – entertaining + engaging. App users can play, watch, and order food at the same time, while collecting “paws,” a loyalty coin system, which unlocks Groupon offers, game levels, episodes, and more!

Whether you need pizza, spaghetti, or lasagna, Garfield Eats has something for everyone. They offer a large variety of foods, ranging from pizzas to lasagnas to classic spaghettis and their signature Garficcino coffees and smoothies. Among the must-try’s are Garfield potato tails. 3D Garfield dark chocolate, and the many innovative kid meals, such as the Big Cow lasagna.

Best of all, all meals are made from farm2plate (F2P) ingredients with environmentally friendly packaging, the Re-Box. In this innovative system, pizza boxes convert to pizza plates, lasagna boxes into tissue boxes, and fries boxes into travel packs. All ingredients are guaranteed on-GMOs, with no preservatives, hormones, artificial colours, orfertilizers.

Here is a list of some of my favourites!

Garfield Eats signature pizza, the Peroni Pizza, features select beef pepperoni topped with special sweet and sour balsamic red onions on Garfield Eats natural dough bed crowned with secret tomato sauce. Customers can also switch up the sauce to Garfield Secret Sauce with Truffle Oil, Garfield Secret BBQ Sauce, Jon Arbuckle Marinara, or Farm Pesto.

Additional options include the Garnivore with broccoli and green avocado on natural dough with the delicious Garfield Eats secret veggie and green tomato sauce and the MTL BBQ Steak Pizza with “cowboy cut” strips of rib eye, the centre best portion of the rib steak on natural dough topped with fresh farm vegetables with Montreal steak spices. The all dressed Giardino Pizza is also a great option, with natural minced beef marinated with Garfield Eatsorangey-tomato secret sauce, beef pepperoni, green and red peppers, and special caramelized balsamic onions on natural dough crowned with fresh mozzarella cheese.

For vegetarians, the Gherita Pizza features a gooey mozzarella topping on natural dough crowned with delicious Garfield Eats secret tomato sauce.

  • Beyond Spaghetti Bolognese (Vegan)

Another one of the must-try’s at Garfield Eats is the Beyond SpaghettiBolognese. This dish is perfect for vegans.Ground minced “beyond meat” is topped with a delicious secret sauce infused with farm plum tomatoes. The Spaghetti Bolognese is also available in a non-vegan option as well, giving customers the options to choose between veggie or ground minced beef.

The rich Spaghetti Pesto is another great option, with farm pesto sauce infused with truffle oil and farm veggies such as mushrooms, green peppers, green olives, and broccoli.

  • Roy’s Chicken Farm Salad

For those who would like something lighter, Garfield Eats also provides a variety of salads. My favourite is Roy’sChicken Farm Salad, a colourful dish featuring leafy farm2plate salad double in Vitamin C and rich in fibre full of natural shredded carrots, orange paprika, spinach, lettuce, avocado, and tiny farm tomatoes crowned with special Garfield Eats kitchen-made Italian dressing. This salad is also available as a simple Farm Salad as well.Other options include the BBQ Steak Farm Salad with juicy strips of BBQ steak.

  • Kitty Kids Meals – Big Cow Lasagna and Garnivore Pizza Meal

It is almost impossible to choose between the many delicious kids meals at Garfield Eats, but two stand out in particular. The Big Cow Lasagna Meal features a generous portionof lasagna, rich in a Garfield Eats secret sauce and creamy béchamel sauce filled with farm “cowboy cut” ground minced beef.This is a great option for even the pickiest of eaters. In addition, the Garnivore Pizza Mealfeatures orangey-tomato secret sauce, beef pepperoni, green and red peppers, special caramelized balsamic onions on a natural dough bed crowned with fresh mozzarella cheese.

All kids meals come with a fresh carrot, apple, or orange juice, as well as the option of salad instead of fries. They also include a free Mini-Garfield Comic Booklet with Triangular Crayons.

This fun to eat snack features deep-fried spiral-cut whole potato on a skewer, topped with Garfield Eats special seasoning.

As another option, Garfield Skinny Fries are rich with half of one’s daily Vitamin C intake, Magnesium, Copper and Iron.

  • Garficcinos, Smoothies, and Juices

Coffee Garficcinos are available in a variety of flavours, including pumpkin, peppermint, orange, dark chocolate, and big Americano. Smoothie flavours include the Monday Kale Smoothie with mango, spinach, kale, apple juice, orange juice, and pineapple and the Go Mango Smoothie with mango, raspberries, and tropical juices.

All smoothies are 100% vegan, organic, non-GMO, with no preservatives or artificial colours.

In addition, freshly squeezed juices, such as carrot and orange are available as well.

  • 3D Garfield Dark Chocolate Bar

As a perfect dessert, the 3D GarfieldDark Chocolate Bar is made of 54% natural dark chocolate and anti-oxidants, as well as no dairy products making it a great option for vegans.

Best of all, Garfield Eats offers the option of booking the entire restaurant for birthday parties.  In addition, a variety of great Garfield merchandise is available for purchase as well, including books, special edition comics, baseball caps, mugs, face masks, T-shirts, party cups, mobile phone cases, movies and more.

Do not hesitate to stop by today!

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