Wisconsin and Minnesota Senators visit Vernon Co. family farm


STODDARD, Wis. – (WXOW) – Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar visited Hamburg Hills Farm in near Stoddard to show their support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and discuss his plan for rural America.

Senators Baldwin and Klobuchar were taken on a tour of the farm by owner Tim Servais who has been living there since the fall of 1972 when his parents took it over.

“It was a pretty run-down farm and my dad worked on building it up,” said Servais.

He explained that he didn’t know if he wanted to do dairy farming because it is such a committed part of agriculture to get into.

“I actually worked off the farm for a little while, still helped here. One day I realized this is where I wanted to be. This is the life I choose to do. It’s been hard, it’s been a lot of work, but it’s also been rewarding,” said Servais.

The Senators went on to give speeches to a socially distanced crowd of about twenty people.

Both discussed ideas surrounding rural America and encouraged people to vote as well as educate those around them about the importance of voting.

Senator Klobuchar explained how going out to farms like these to talk to real people and understanding the work they do benefits what she is able to do for them. Understanding the challenges they face can lead to an attempt at a solution. She then went into Biden’s three-step plan for rural America.

“It, first of all, involves helping small farmers and helping new farmers, young farmers. Otherwise, we are going to lose these small farms if we don’t have people that are able to take them over. A lot of time that’s farmers’ kids. Sometimes it is other young people. But we want to create incentives and you can do this with this micro-loan program where you give them really good terms of loans so it is easier for them to take over,” said Senator Klobuchar.

The second part is a fair and consistent trade policy so farmers can sell their goods around the world. Finally she put emphasis on made in America food and made in America goods.

Tim Servais and his wife have three children who all want to be a part of the family farm business and he explained that the biggest aspects of this election for him are the trade policies and markets. Having people up on the farm seeing the place is rewarding for him.

“You got to really appreciate everything about this to make it all work. Definitely a challenge but there are rewards,” said Servais.

Wisconsin Republican Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden wasn’t surprised by the Wisconsin visit from Senator Klobuchar, responding to today’s event with confidence that even with this Democratic visit, President Trump will win Wisconsin by six points.

“The Democratic bench is shallow. They just don’t have a lot of people to go around say good things about Joe Biden and a potential Biden presidency because there are just not that many good things to say.”

Van Orden added that he believes Biden doesn’t have a plan. The former Navy SEAL faces Democrat Ron Kind who Van Orden believes he will defeat soundly.

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