With indoor farm show season on the horizon, local shows commit to hosting in-person

Some of the largest farm shows in the county canceled their in-person shows this summer, leaving some to wonder if the winter shows would follow.

Numerous local farm shows continue to plan to meet in-person this year, including the Gateway Farm Expo, McCook Farm, Ranch & Hemp Expo and the Nebraska Ag Expo.

The Gateway Farm Expo recently released information on the precautions the show plans to take in order to host the gathering in-person.

The show officials will be requesting that everyone wears a mask and walk in a single direction.  Social distancing will be advised.

Meanwhile, the Nebraska Ag Expo, the second largest indoor agriculture show in the United States, plans to utilize the 9.2 acres of exhibit space at the Lancaster Event Center to host producers in December.

Upcoming Show Dates:

Gateway Farm Expo – November 1819, 2020
Buffalo County Fairgrounds | Kearney, Nebraska

McCook Farm, Ranch & Hemp Expo- November 1819, 2020
| McCook, NE

Nebraska Ag Expo – December 8-10, 2020
Lancaster Event Center | Lincoln, NE

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